Østerberg Organic Shots are based on 100% pure fruit & vegetables.

Free from alcohol, preservatives and artificial flavors and colours.

What makes the shots special is an intense flavor combined with low caloric content per bottle.

Functional ingredients are added in order to make these shots a part of a healthy day, where a small boost of powerful ingredients can energize you without providing too many calories.

The fruit shots are best enjoyed ice cold for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy boost during the day.

Our standard product range includes:

  • Ginger/aronia
  • Ginger/lemon
  • Ginger/matcha
  • Mango/chili/turmeric

These four varieties are also suitable for co-packing with your own logo and label.

Østerberg’s 100% organic taste the world range includes five shots, based on local tastes from different parts of the world.

The range consists of:

  • Beetroot/raspberry/blackcurrant
  • Ginger/passion fruit/baobab/orange
  • Hibiscus/ginger/pomegranate
  • Lucuma/grapefruit/guava/chili
  • Sea buckthorn/chili/apple/rosehip

The taste the world range is not accessible as a private label product.

All Østerberg shots are sold in glass bottles of 60ml, 100ml, 250ml or 500ml.